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The group’s research activities span a wide range of topics. Knowledge from both the application domain and the networking and lower layer is used to design new robustness techniques which maximize the communication quality as perceived by the final user in case of multimedia signals (voice, audio, video). Particular attention has been devoted to some peculiar scenarios such as ultra-low-delay communications and communications among vehicles. Efforts have also been devoted to apply some of the principles of multimedia coding and compression techniques to different types of signals such as electromyographic signals. Moreover, recently the focus of the research activities increasingly considered the social component of communications, with activities aimed at, e.g., social networks modeling and analysis and digital online content estimation techniques. A more detailed list and overview of the main research activities are available here.

The group participated and participates in a number of research projects, at both national and international level, as well as in industry-funded research contract. More details are available here.

Some results of the research activities have also been implemented in hardware and software projects such as LScube, a complete software suite for multimedia streaming over IP networks, which is now being actively developed by a start-up based in Torino, and ViCoTrA, a real-time analyser (on a DSP board) of the complete video coding and transmission chain.

The group also organized in 2006 in Istanbul, Turkey, the First Multimedia Communications Workshop, sponsored by the IEEE ComSoc Multimedia Communications Technical Committee, in conjunction with the IEEE Intl. Conference on Communications (ICC) 2006.